tipsy daisy

a red tie affair

tipsy daisy loves affairs. town cars. secret meeting places. quick, knowing glances that no one else catches. room keys in envelopes… naturally, she was extra thrilled when gary sharma of gary’s guide and cheryl yeoh from citypockets approached her to create a cocktail for their event - the red tie affair. amidst a backdrop of a gorgeous city view from the 26th floor of the new york times building, tipsy daisy’s cocktail added a splash of red to everyone’s outfit and a splash of something more (she hopes ;)) to everyone’s night. 

for those who have been asking, here is the recipe for kickin’ red:  1 part vodka, 3/5 part pomegranate juice, 1/5 part lemon juice, cinnamon-infused simple syrup to taste, splash of club soda, fresh lemon and cucumber slices, and mint! 

tipsy daisy thanks cheryl, gary, and jenny & staff of kitchen provance  for the smooth-sailing evening. tipsy daisy consultant for this cocktail was devin burnam, fabulous ex-bartender extraordinaire from fatty crab.